8 ways to love yourself {Life Mantras}

ways to love yourself

No one is going to love us if we don’t love ourselves. We all have days of feeling low, unappreciated, super crappy and just awful. I have been there, felt low and utterly miserable. In this fast paced life, we tend to lose connection with our inner soul. The feeling of happiness and gratitude takes a back seat and […]

Natural Facial Serums by Burst Of Happyness

Natural Facial Serums

Sometime in January, Shreya from Burst Of Happyness sent across one of her latest launches for me to try. If you have been following her, you will know that she has launched a range of natural facial serums which you can check out at her website. Shreya does not need an introduction on my blog. I […]

De-stress with Aromatherapy – {Green Living}

Aromatherapy Image

 “Nothing is more memorable than a smell. One scent can be unexpected, momentary and fleeting, yet conjure up a childhood summer beside a lake in the mountains.” -Diane Ackerman There is something about how our brain responds to smells. It can trigger memories, it can make us sneeze, it can put us off or it […]

DIY face masks for acne

DIY face masks for acne

My teenage years to the mid twenties was eventful. It was the time when my friends and I discovered the world of makeup. When stepping out of the house, there would be hidden makeup items in our bags that we would use when outside the bounds of home. Of course we ensured that each and […]

10 Tips for an Eco Friendly Workplace at Home

Tips for an Eco Friendly Workplace

2014 was appropriately referred to as the ‘Year of the Entrepreneur’. Several people, especially women, found alternate career options by themselves, without joining the corporate rat race. And a huge number of these people work from home for the greater part of the week. Just by the act of working from home, we are contributing […]

Passion Fruit Body Butter and Lip Pops – TNC {Prod Review}

Passion Fruit Body Butter and Lip Pops

 Passion Fruit Body Butter and Lip Pops by TNC I have used the Nori Body Butter and the Mango Body Butter earlier and when the latest launch, the Passion Fruit body butter was sent across to me for a review I was more than delighted! And what is more awesome is that it came to […]