10 Tips to Banish Dry Lips this Summer

Banish Dry Lips

You’ve packed your bags for your vacation this summer and can’t wait to go! You’ve even packed sunscreen and sunglasses so you think you’re all set. But there’s one thing you’ve forgotten which can ruin all your vacation pictures – your lips! People generally consider the effect of summer on their skin and hair, but […]

Natural remedies to remove suntan


I am back after a long break !The travels kept me busy and away from work. While it was a refreshing change to visit a new country and explore new places, I did a very basic mistake of not carrying sunscreen with me. Yes, I am not used to these products and I had to […]

10 Hair Care Tips for Summer

Hair Care Tips for Summer

“All my ladies, if you feel me Come on, do it, do it, whip your hair Don’t matter if it’s long, short Do it, do it whip your hair”  – ‘Whip My Hair’, Willow Smith And that’s exactly what summer will do to your hair, long or short – whip it!! While every season comes […]

10 Skin Care Tips for Summer

Skin Care Tips for Summer

As with every season, summer brings its own set of challenges for your skin and it becomes necessary to tweak your skin care regime accordingly. The sun’s UVA and UVB rays are damaging to skin at all times, but intensify during summer. This results in summer-specific skin challenges like sunburn, dryness, excessive oiliness, acne due […]

Tips for hair fall control {DIY, Hair Care}

Tips for hair fall control

Post my pregnancy, one of the problems that has really stayed on is hair fall. Trust me, not only do I have that impending feeling of doom that I will wake up bald one day, but also the trauma of losing hair by the bunch is killing. The clogged drains and swirling hair strands are […]

15 Household Uses for Vinegar {For Home}

Household Uses for Vinegar

In life, sometimes, things that we usually consider mundane and insignificant can prove to be heroes in an hour of need. We often underestimate them, and regale them to dark, obscure corners while shinier objects that are much less-used take pride of space in our home. One such undercover superhero in our homes is that […]