Omved Neck Compress {Review}


The past few days have been crazy. I woke with a tingling sensation passing through the nape of the neck to top of the head. A wave of nausea and giddiness was constantly there and when 4 days later the symptoms did not subside, I knew I had to visit a doctor. The X-ray revealed […]

Yos Greenn Box – {Review}

Yos Greenn Box review

One of these days I’ll lose track of the multiple bags and boxes that does the rounds every month. I mean the beauty bags and boxes. Around a particular date, you’ll find a bevy of posts that will pop up followed with oohs and aahs for a few days. And the cycle repeats the next […]

How to Exfoliate your Body Naturally

How to Exfoliate your Body Naturally

When you hear of someone shedding skin, what comes to mind is a slimy, slithery reptile, emerging from old, dried up skin. But did you know that as humans, we also shed? No, you’re not going to turn into your dog! Although the ensuing dryness and roughness can make you feel like a snake, it’s […]

5 Benefits of a body detox {Health}

Benefits of a body detox

Doing a detox is like hitting a reset button for your body. You have no idea of how its going to change your life for the better when you actually do a detox for yourself. The benefits of a body detox can range from cleansing not just your body, but cleansing at a deeper level […]

5 fat burning activities for you!

Fat burning activities

I have always battled the bulge. A lack of physical exercises made it difficult to shed the weight despite the fact that I was not a voracious eater. I started combining various activities to give a variety and made it a part of my lifestyle. Why I like to include a variety is so that I […]

4 beauty hacks and tips for every woman

beauty hacks and tips

When was the last time you rushed to a last minute party feeling guilty that you didn’t have the time to fix the hair or your nails? Or maybe the make up wasn’t right at all? For someone like me who owns nothing but lipsticks, lip liners and kajals, I don’t have much choice in […]