Natural Ways to Keep Bugs Away

Natural Ways to Keep Bugs Away

“It’s a beautiful tale, and today is a beautiful day without any bugs” – Hugo Pratt We’ve all had instances when a beautiful day got ruined by annoying bugs!! Bugs are sly little creatures and they’ll follow you everywhere – in the garden, on the balcony, at a picnic, even in bed! It’s very hard […]

25 Uses of Coconut Oil that You Must Know

Uses of Coconut Oil

Most of us think of coconut oil in terms of cooking, creating yummy dishes with a delicious nutty flavor to it. But coconut oil’s uses extend far beyond the kitchen; it is a complete all rounder when it comes to home remedies! Ayurveda has been using coconut oil for ages, but it got lost somewhere […]

10 Tips to Stay Hydrated in Summer

Tips to Stay Hydrated in Summer

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water” – W.H. Auden Now that’s pure logic no one can argue with! 60% of the human body is made of water, making it one of the prime components of our body. A human being can survive close to 3 weeks without food, but not more than […]

6 reasons to use a menstrual cup


I admit that I was trying to postpone writing this post for almost 10 months. Yes that’s been close to a year since I made that switch and no, I have just not regretted it. Why the delay? I just wanted to be sure that I love this product! And 10 months is a long time to […]

10 Tips to Banish Dry Lips this Summer

Banish Dry Lips

You’ve packed your bags for your vacation this summer and can’t wait to go! You’ve even packed sunscreen and sunglasses so you think you’re all set. But there’s one thing you’ve forgotten which can ruin all your vacation pictures – your lips! People generally consider the effect of summer on their skin and hair, but […]

Natural remedies to remove suntan


I am back after a long break !The travels kept me busy and away from work. While it was a refreshing change to visit a new country and explore new places, I did a very basic mistake of not carrying sunscreen with me. Yes, I am not used to these products and I had to […]