4 ways to slow down and enjoy life {Life Mantras}

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4 ways to slow down and enjoy life

In all of living, have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.- Gordon B. Hinckley

10 days ago, when I was getting my boys back home from the bus bay, a sudden downpour caught us off guard. I was the only one without an umbrella. I yelled at them to hurry up, not liking to get wet in the rain, when one of them stopped me and said “But ma, look at the rain, it is so beautiful. I love walking in the rains. ”

Oh yes, didn’t I love it too?

Playing with my nephews, making paper boats and watching them flow down. Getting soaked to the skin, yet not wanting to get inside the comfort of my home? When did I start hating the rain? Honestly, I have no answer to that question but what I do know is that a file waiting to be edited was making me rush back home.

I asked myself one question, “What am I seeking and why was I hurrying?”

I was getting too wrapped around work to notice the small things in life and enjoy them. Sometimes, I was too busy to notice the joy my twin boys received from the world and I took them for granted. This was the time I knew I had to slow down and enjoy life with my boys.

I started with a small do-able list and I will add to it as the time goes by. I am sure that there are many ways to slow down and enjoy life. But I chose the tasks that seemed easy, but they were a tad difficult when it came to actually putting them into practice. Here are my 4 ways to slow down and enjoy life.

4 ways to slow down and enjoy life.

Living in the moment

Yesterday my to-do list was completed faster than I thought it would be. With more than three hours that I could spare and beautiful weather outside, I decided to take the boys down for a game of football. I can’t describe the joy on their faces when we headed for an impromptu football session. These were small things I was missing out—the joy and laughter. Just living it easy. Earlier, I would have started working the to-do list of the next day but I chose to live for the moment. It made a difference.

Practicing Gratitude

I know it is far easier to complain. That hardly takes any time. But to list down things that make you happy and grateful for, that takes more time than you can imagine. Gratitude is something I have been practicing not so regularly, but when I did that 10 days in a row, I knew I had less to complain and more to enjoy my life. Yes, please know that your life is great! I began to accept that mine was awesome and I began to notice the subtle changes that were making my life easier.

Slowing down is a conscious choice that I made. Trust me, it was not an easy choice, but when I gave it my 30 percent, I realized that I had a greater level of happiness and appreciated even the smallest things in life more. Try slowing down and enjoying your life. It is addictive.

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  1. says

    Oh yes, that feeling of light rain on your head… I love that too! I can so relate to all your points dear — slowing down, living here and now, enjoying the little moments, feeling gratitude for — just being … – that is life itself. beautiful post:-)

  2. Sulekha says

    Slowing down is so rejuvenating! I had a smile on my face on reading about the impromptu football game with your boys, lovely. Reading emails a few times a day is better than checking them every 15 minutes, thanks for sharing your ways to slow down.:)

  3. says

    Wonderful post Pratibha, we get so occupied in big and complicated stuff that sometimes we overlook the beauty in small things that makes our days joyful. Kids have a natural talent for this. Same is with slowing down, I liked the points you have mentioned. I follow the same notion of checking email at intervals and also shutting down multiple windows. I set a time for each activity. That way my day is more productive and I am satisfied that way…..

    I have written one post on the small things that kids teach us. Sharing it for your reading…. http://mothersgurukul.com/kids-teach-us/

    Great post.

    Alpana Deo


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