Homemade Body Scrubs – easy recipes {DIY, Skin Care}

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Spicy Body Polish2

The past few days saw me experimenting with making new homemade body scrubs. I had exhausted my stock of foot scrubs and body scrubs and was too lazy to buy anything and well also I had the shopping ban that I have imposed which is making me hold back shopping. No shopping just for the heck of it! This has been on my New Year resolutions and half a month into the year and I am doing fine. Where was I? Scrubs!

I have experimented enough with scrubs and I am at a phase where I want to use everything fresh and not stock on anything. With a bit of searching on the internet and some experiments later, I came out with these fab scrubs.  Please ensure that you do not use these scrubs on dry skin as it can cause abrasions.

Easy to make Homemade Body Scrubs

Spicy Body Polish

Homemade Body Scrubs

As the name suggests this one has spices. You need to make a fresh stock when you want to use it, I would advise against storing it. What I did was combine two tablespoons of brown sugar with one spoon of white sugar. I added to this the powder of one clove, quarter an inch of cinnamon, about four pinches of nutmeg, one grated almond, one powdered green cardamom and about half a teaspoon of fresh grated ginger. I use a mortar and pestle to make the powder of the spices.  I added pure coconut oil to this mix depending on the consistency I wanted. I used roughly 2 teaspoons of coconut oil.  One tip is to warm the coconut oil and mix it and use it immediately. The warm oil is absolutely relaxing as you scrub the body.  Once you’ve massaged your body with this, leave it in for at least 3 minutes and wash off with warm water. The spices in this homemade body scrub leaves a nice warm sensation. Use a mild soap if your body feels oily. Chances are that you may not need to follow up with the moisturiser post the bath, but yes, you will need to scrub the bathroom clean!

Banana and Sugar Scrub

Sorry, no pics for this one! This one is fairly simple to make. All you need is one ripe banana, 3 tablespoons of brown sugar and one drop of your favourite essential oil. The essential oil is optional actually; you can miss this step if you want, because this scrub leaves behind a fruity fragrance. I got this idea when I picked up the banana shampoo from TBS for the boys.

Mash the banana and mix it with sugar, do not blend it because it will become runny. Yes! I tried that too. It works best when you mash the ripe banana and add the sugar. Mix it for about 15 seconds not more. Use this as a body scrub. It leaves a nice lingering fragrance and the sugar helps to exfoliate the dead skin. The only hitch – you will need to scrub the bathroom clean after your bath.

Lavender and Salt scrub

No pics for this one too. I have a bottle of lavender oil that I use sparingly. I use it when I am super tired and I want to uplift the mood. This scrub actually required lavender flowers, but since I had no access to it, I decided to use the lavender massage oil that served as the base of the scrub too. I took roughly 3 tablespoons of sea salt and mixed it with two tablespoons of the lavender oil.  That is all! Isn’t it easy?

Homemade Body Scrubs

Minty lip scrub

This is one of my favourites and very easy to make and you can stock this. Just take about 5 teaspoons of granulated sugar (I also add quarter a teaspoon of salt sometimes as a variant or a pinch of cinnamon powder) and two and a half teaspoons of pure coconut oil or olive oil. Add one drop of your favourite EO. Done! Don’t forget to stock this in an airtight container.

Not only are these scrubs absolutely easy to make but they are also light on the pocket. You don’t need to spend an atrocious amount on scrubs you buy off the shelf. What I love about this scrub is that I know what is in it.

Citrusy and Minty Body Scrub

Easy to make, this one can be stocked as well in a refrigerator. I took about 3 tsp granulated sugar. I always pick sugar with fine granules, (powdering it will not help), a pinch of salt, nutmeg powder and cinnamon powder. Add to this pure coconut oil ( 1-1.5tbsps) and your favourite EO. I use either Orange or Lemon. You can add the pepeepmint EO as well. Mix this really well with a hand blender for about 3 minutes. And you are done.  That is all you need to do! The oil will moisturize your body and the sugar will exfoliate off any dead skin. The oils leave a very refreshing and minty fragrance that I love! 


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  1. Anjali pant says

    Superb Post ! The pics are so full of life and the recipes look so delicious. Spicy body polish seems really interesting. Will surely try ! Keep up the good work Prats ! :-)

    • says

      Hey Roohi! Welcome to the blog and thank you :) I use a variety of EO’s (essential oils). You get blended as well as non blended versions. In most of the recipes, it is better to stick to non blended ones because you can control the fragrance. I prefer SoulFlower and Passion Indulge for the non blended fragrances.If you are buying oils for the first time, pick it up from a local store and inhale it to gauge the smells. I stick to a few known brands and then buy them on-line.
      P.S: You can use blended ones in a diffuser.

  2. Deepika says

    Hello Pratibha di, can I add few drops of lemon juice to lip scrub? And for how many days can it be preserved?


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