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The Triphala shampoo came to  me with a very high recommendation by the founder of SoulTree and I must say that I was not disappointed. If you are a fan of shampoos that lather, then I am sure that you will be a tad disappointed with this product. But if you left that condition aside, I am sure that this is a product that you will love! When I opened the lid, the first fragrance that I got was a mix of Shikakai and Reetha. I remember my mom would mix these for me to use when I was a kid because using a shampoo was a luxury. Without a nostalgia trip, here is my review on the product.

My take on this product 

This is one of the few shampoos that does not require a followup with a conditioner. At least I did not need it with my hair type. And I totally loved the fragrance of this shampoo. When I started using this shampoo, I also had dandruff issues. With  regular usage I noticed a visible reduction in the dandruff. The shampoo has a gel like consistency and is not very thick and it is not runny either. The only thing is that it does not lather. Leave it on for at least a minute or two post the massage with the shampoo for visibly shiny and healthy hair.

Packaging : The packaging of the SoulTree are similar, so if you have more than one product of theirs in the bath area, be sure to double check what you use :). Packed in recycled bottles, this product comes with a snap open/shut lid. You can squeeze out the desired amount on your palm. The only drawback in this packaging is that I found the bottles to be a bit hard so when the quantity reduces, you will need to open the lid and tap the bottle on your palm to get out the shampoo.

Price and shelf life: This is priced at Rs. 300 for a 200 ml shampoo and has a shelf life of  2 years from the date of manufacture.

Where can I buy this? : You can buy this at Goodlife. I am not sure if they sell at any other online store.

Would I recommend this: Yes, I would. I found this to be a mild shampoo very suitable for regular use. It has the age old concoctions that our mom’s and grandmother’s would make for us when we were younger with which we could wash our hair. And if you are getting the same packed in a bottle today, I don’t see any reason why I should not use it.

Ingredients : Emblica Officinalis (Aamla), Terminalia Belerica Fruit (Bibhitaki), Terminalia Chebulica Fruit (harītakī) ( these are the tri-phalas used in the shampoo)

About the Product ( On the SoulTree Site)

Triphala (Three fruits)- is an Ayurvedic cleanser and moisturizer. Sida cordifolia also known as Bala is a provider of strength. It helps prevent premature falling of hair.

While Shikakai is known to have detangling properties, Henna is a natural conditioner and together with Wheat protein provides a soft after-wash feel. Neem Oil & Rice bran Oil prevent the skin from getting dry and itchy. It contains carefully selected Organic Ayurvedic extracts which nourish & strengthen hair.

Does not contain parabens, phenoxyethanols, artificial fragrances or colours. Not tested on animals

Note: The product was sent to me for a review by SoulTree. This has not affected my review.

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    • says

      Hey Preeti,

      Yes it does remove the oil, I use it after I have oiled my hair too, the only thing is that I need to wash my hair twice and both the times leave the shampoo on the hair for at least 2 mins.


  1. Anjali Pant says

    Nice Review ! :-) But yea do try the hair repair one as well :p Also I would like to recommend to you its face moisturizer and cleansing milk. They are truly superb. The moisturizer is a little rich in consistency ; its non-greasy but will be better in winters/pre-winters and sometimes in post winters as well (depending upon the weather). It can be used both as a face and body moisturizer. Infact it saved my skin this winters :p Also, I remember that once you had told me that one of your boys has dry skin type , so I thought I should suggest you this amazing moisturizer. The fragrance is not great , but the post-usage effects are “fab”. It makes skin “baby soft” ; infact its the first moisturizer I came across , that has “body butter” softness , along with non greasy effect . And cleansing milk is also something which is a “must buy”. Its really mild and removes kajal/makeup effectively.Apart from this , I also like its “Neem and Tulsi” body wash. Its fragrance is really different and unique. And it cleanses the skin well. And last but not the least , all these three items are completely safe to be used on skin. I hope you would like something from my SoulTree’s basket :p :-)

    • says

      Thanks! the body wash I will try but after years I have found a moisturiser that I will stick to and that is the Omved Protective Face Moisturiser, so I am unlikely to use anything else :) And I don’t use cleansers :( I do have a sample of it tucked away. Let me try it sometime!

  2. Ray S says

    I have used both of their shampoos. Found them quiet drying for my hair. They literally feel like straw. Makes my scalp really itchy even though I diluted it before wash. But it’s a great clarifying shampoo! Would you recommend any conditioner which is nasties-free please. I have already finished the Triphala variant and now using their hair repair one.. with conditioning coconut, licorice I think. They have a conditioner too, I noticed but am not sure if they are sls and sles free. Do you happen to know about it?

    • says

      I use the not so orgnanic Jungle conditioner by Lush which tames my hair really well. Try that or the Veganese conditioner by Lush (not organic). Organic conditioner is something I am hunting for and I have not been very successful till now. Omved is the only company I have come across that has a range of organic conditioners which are best used along with the shampoos. The packaging mentions that it is paraben free. Will double check!

      • Anjali Pant says

        Hello Prats and Ray S !
        I really liked both the variants of Soul Tree’s shampoo , but yes as Ray S mentioned , the results will differ from scalp to scalp. Iam using soul tree s conditioner , and indeed it’s a “must buy” thing. As compared with other genuine organic brands , it is cheaper, yet effective. Although , it has preservatives like sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate which are surely of great concern , I believe our skin can take it ( kinda milder than others ). Plus , the organic stuff they put into their shampoos , is of fab quality ( as told by ecotokri team ) . But yes again , when it comes to shampoos and conditioners , its always hit and trial thing. What suits my hair , may not suit yours. So you will not know , unless you give it a try :-)

  3. Anjali Pant says

    As far as genuineness of this product is concerned , Prats , Iam sure I ll not disappoint you , but yes for suitability aspect , I ll prefer to keep a mum ! :-)

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