Exfoliate & Orange and Cinnamon Soap from Rustic Art {Product Review}

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I clearly have a fascination for soaps! If you see my haul, you would know that I have soaps that can last for the next two years ( I am hoping that the world does not end in 2012!). Despite that fact, I just cannot refrain from buy soaps. I had recently discovered the brand Rustic Art and I picked up quite a few of their soaps but got around to review just one of their soap, the Geranium soap.

What I bought were :

  • Orange and Cinnamon Soap
  • Coffee Beans Soap (I love coffee in any way)
  • Demulcent Soap
  • Exfolaite Soap

Today I will review the Exfoliate and Orange and Cinnamon Soap.

Exfoliate Soap: “Scrub the dead skin away – the organic way! It smells so good- you would want to eat it!”

Not really, I would not want to eat it but yes, I have to agree that it smells nice. In fact most of their soaps smell nice! The Exfoliate Soap is quite mild in scrubbing the dead skin. You will need a moisturizer post the use of this soap because it dried up my skin a bit.  The fragrance of this soap was not as strong and the fragrance lingers for a while. I wish that there was some colour in the soaps, it would have looked really nice.

Orange and Cinnamon Soap: “An exotic combination with an equally exotic fragrance! It’s a amonth both, men & women!” 

I quite love the fragrance of cinnamon. But in this soap, the fragrance of orange is so over powering that you can hardly smell cinnamon which is quite a disappointment. This soap also dried my skin so I had to follow it up with a moisturizer or a bath oil to keep my skin softer. People with oily skin may like this soap because orange with its citrus properties can aid in getting rid of the excess oils.

A tip to make the Rustic Art soaps last longer : “Do not rub the Rustic Art soap on your Body. Instead just move your moist palm on the soap and that will be sufficient.The soap will last long.”

Sunita Jaju, the promoter of Rustic Art had left this comment on my previous post and I thought I must share it with you. And honestly the tip really works! I just wet my palms and moved over the soap and when I rubbed the palms there was enough lather! So if you want the Rustic Art soaps to last longer, you know the trick. Each of the soaps lasted roughly 25 days which is a decent duration.

Packaging: All of the soaps are packed in a cloth that are very attractive and colorful. I love the packaging, not only is it different but also very attractive.

Where can I buy this? : Most of the Rustic Art products are available online on Goodlife and Natural Mantra. Click here to view the entire range of products of Rustic Art on Goodlife and Natural Mantra. But I bought this particular haul of soaps from Natural Mantra.

For those of you living in Pune, you can find almost all their products at Dorabjee’s located in Camp, opposite SGS Mall.

Price and Shelf life: All their soaps are priced at INR 155 for a 100gm soap bar. It has a shelf life of two years from the date of manufacture.

Rustic Art soaps are completely handmade with certified organic ingredients without any synthetic colors or fragrances. Eco friendly packaging

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  1. Preeti says

    Hi, I have recently started using soaps these handmade soaps. Can you suggest a really good soap that is good for really dry skin and can be used on my face as well. I have so far been interested in te following soaps which I found online but can’t find any reviews on them:
    Tvam goats milk saffron almon soap
    Nourish cleopatra sandalwood vanilla soap
    Rustic art facial soap
    Soulflower baby my skin soap

    Please let me know if you know about any of these soaps as I’m so confused as to what to get. I want to get them all but can’t splurge. I looking for a soap with which I can completely skip a moisturizer without being too oily.

  2. says

    Hi! I have not used any of the soaps you have mentioned. But I have used soaps from Rustic Art, Nourish and Soulflower. Different ones though! I have never used Tvam till now, but do plan to soon. I can recommend Rustic Art because I have tried a couple of their soaps. Ditto for Nourish. And I do not use a soap on the face so I won’t be in a position to recommend one that you can use for the face. Why don’t you try some of the skin polishes by Auravedic. I have reviewed one, and I am in the midst of reviewing another one soon. These polishes exfoliate as well as nourish the face so you could give it a try.

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